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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Time:8:58 am.
At this point in my life the words, "We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd be millionaires
and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't. We're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off" seem to harvest new meaning. We're not unique little snowflakes. We're not special. We are the singing dancing crap of the world. I think parents now days build their kids up to be more than they really are, and when reality sets in and they realize Mom and Dad were full of shit and on your best day your above average, on a normal day mediocre, it leaves a real bitter taste in their mouths. Everyone looks at life as if they were the main character, but truth be told, we're all just another ant in the hill. And no matter what the deluded optimist may defecate out of his mouth to make themself feel better, unless you have lots of money to start with or are born into power and high class, your never going to join those ranks and you ought to just deal with it and shut the fuck up. There's my rant for the day.
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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Time:8:10 am.
Something occurred to me the other day, actually it was december 8, 4 months pre-DOB, I'm almost 23...and where the fuck am I? I'm not asking that in any feel sorry for myself kind of way, but rather as an observation. I live with my mother, I dont have a job, I dont have a car. Okay, that I can handle. But something else urks me; you see this time of year, I usually get a new zest for jerking off in the winter. But I cant remember the last time something excited me enough to actually get an erection. Oh I know, hurricane victims are homeless, people in Iraq are dying so American Corporations can rake in the cash, and here I am complaining about my boner. Yeah, and i dont feel a shred of guilt. Why? because its all happening regardless of my guilt. we all die, we're all dying, and by the time all you beatnicks accomplish enough to see any change in the world, you'll be dead and then what will it matter? everything will go back to the way it was, the status quo will settle back into its capitalist equilibrium, the rich will get richer, the poor will freeze to death or starve, and freedom will ring from sea to shining sea. Religious zealots will still be preaching the end of the world, the coming of christ, the zen of buddha, the cum of allah, and society will go on. In the meantime, i'll spare myself the guilt of being a selfish prick, and indulge in the art of egocentricity. We all do anyway, im just saving myself the trouble of creating the illusion that I actually give a fuck. Because no one really does. They just have themselves convinced that they care because they get off on feeling like they're bigger than they actually are, like they're contributing to a higher cause, guided by a higher power, and then they get up and ball their eyes out on that pulpit, and tell the world how christ touched them and what good christians their tiresome efforts have made them become. my how they've grown. BULLSHIT! Worthless feeble pieces of matter like the rest of us. not even worth the calcification their bones will leave on their coffins.

Anyway, I gotta go hand in my last final. not a bad rant for a wednesday morning.
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Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Time:11:16 pm.
gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house,gotta get outta my moms house....
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Sunday, October 30th, 2005

Time:4:46 pm.
Long week. Finally started my bouncer job at club ICE. I dont really know what to say about it besides my feet hurt. I get off at 2am, on the far side of town on the wrong side of the tracks...heh heh. No buses running, i dont have a car. I took a cab the first night there and it cost me 12 fucking dollars to get from the club to 900E and 400 S. There really isnt going to be much point in working there if im blowing half my check on transportation i guess.

Mid term on wednesday, i dont really care. Paper due on some sort of liberal race analysis bullshit i couldnt give a shit less about. Its definately that time of the semester. I have no idea where my family disappeared to, but I hope they stay there for a little while longer. Peace of mind is rarely enjoyed in this house...well with the exception of lefty slobbering over my shoulder.

I might take a server job with this guy i know from the gym. We used to go to Jr. High together, and i think i had him beat up some kid who owed me money by promising him half. I was a lazy asshole then, and now for that matter. which is why im going to go take a nap, this daylight savings shit has got me all fucked up.
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Friday, October 14th, 2005

Time:8:15 am.
Fuck. This week is all a blur but thankfully it is over. I don't really remember anything I've done this week. Cant go wrong there. Oz is in California watching the Mars Volta, whom I regard much in the same way as i do the DMB: talented but i cant fucking stand them. But still, I love California. I hate Los Angeles, but love California. Instead of going there, I'm going to go see a cheesey, poorly made, low budget movie I know is going to suck...but i dont care. And do you want to know why? Because Kiera Knightly is fucking hot, and fu-fucking-ck hot clad in trashy threads wielding big guns(the ensemble hands out hard on's like michael jackson in a pre-school). thats right, im going to go watch Domino.. if anyone wants to join, you have my number im sure. if not, you dont have it for a reason.

on a completely unrelated note, i just spent 899(exactly) on a new Gibson Gothic Flying V. I pick it up next week. Talk about hard on's. This thing is sex-xy.
anyway, shit im going to take a nap before my next class. peace out suckas.
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Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Time:9:53 am.
So Convergys appealed my unemployment, i had the hearing yesterday, and those bastards lied through their scum bag teeth. But regardless, with the help of some tips from OZ, I rammed those sordid lies down their fucking throats and arose victorious. So far at least, in the sense that i do not have to pay them back any of the benefits i've already recieved. Best of all was cross examining that bitch Lori and putting her in her place. Oh, and on that note:


And a liar. Sie ein grosse schlampig hunden ist!

Thats all for now.
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Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Time:8:12 am.
Mood: amused.
I'm riding the trax from Gallivan Plaza to Sandy station. Directly across from me: freshman, blond, big tits, typical utah valley girl. Next to her is sergeant Ricks, next to me is some other girl not worthy of observation, and behind us...sits a whole circus of retards. Now, just behind the tard gathering at the end of the car is a retard standing with her bike, her kind of looks like a child tried to shave a marmalade colored cat: its shaved down to the skin on the sides up to just behind the ears, then it goes to about a 1/4 inch gard up until the same point on the corresponding side of her head, and the top is long and pulled back in a uneven length pony tail. Kind of a Death Metal meets "the step side mullet" look.

Now instead of standing with her bike flush against the back of the car, as instructed on the sign posted on the train, rockertard has her bike perpendicular to it and protruding into the aisle. Had rockertard known how to read, the situation that ensued might have been avoided. Unfortunately, fate is a cruel bitch and the train took a gentle left, throwing the fattest member of Jerry's kids onto the floor and into rockertard's bike.

Now, this could of ended here with a good laugh from everyone on the train. However, fatard insisted that she was paralyzed and could not get up, although I didnt see her make even a minor attempt to do so, other than one in which pushed her chubby palms to the floor at the length of her arms and immediately decided that her arms were too short to genie her ass back into the seat, so therefore it must be paralysis(she was moving her goddamn legs for christ sake!) By this time, the retard ring leader(ringtard), who i think was a tard to a lesser degree, jumps in and hits the emergency button on the train, telling the operator that fatard has "fallen and she cant get up." The operator informs ringtard that the train will be stopping at the next station to look fatard over and see if they can dislodge her from the car.

Everyone on the train paled when they heard this, we all had other buses to catch, and were now positive that any hope for getting there on time minds well have been abandoned. The train stops and the operator pokes his fat mustached head in, looks at the tard, asks some half assed questions he probably got from watching ER, and decides that it would be best not to move fatard(most likely so he could avoid a back injury) until we get a whole goddamn team of paramedics to do so. Good thing this was a REAL crisis, because im sure people with real injuries would be shit out of luck for getting a paramedic squad as fast as fat tard did. Luckily for us it wasnt for to more stops.

Inbetween to initial diagnosis of fatard, and the removal of fatard, even more amusing behavior ensued. A negro: approximately 6'2", black nylon doo-rag, tattered checkered shirt, dark shades and impressive braids, stood at the back of the train with HIS bike flush against the back of the car. He turns to rockertard and makes the polite suggestion that she place her bike flush with his so further mayhem may be avoided. Rockertard mumbles the objection, "yeah but..." and is promptly cut off. "Yeah but what," booms the negro. The rockertards replies, "Kiss my ass." The negro replies, "Bitch I'm gonna kick yo ass!" Luckily for rockertard we arrive at the station where the paramedics lie in wait to scuttle fatard's butt off to safety, and hopefully out of all our lives for good.

The paramedics say "this will only take five minutes." It takes damn near 20. Needless to say I missed my bus and ended up waiting an hour for the next one. You called it Oz, way to go buddy.
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Monday, August 15th, 2005

Time:7:37 pm.
Mood: indifferent.
Well well well, the summer is finally over for me in 10 days, and im not sure how i feel about it. I decided to stop being a vegetarian, everyone one is jumping on the train and it just makes me want to do it less and less. In addition, it has been having a negative effect on my "meat head" training. So back to eating meat for me. I still hate animal cruelty, but as a friend of mine once said, there is no way to escape being a hypocrite in this day and age. I dont eat red meat though, that shit is just unhealthy.

School is starting up at the U and i'm trying to figure out how the fuck to manuvere the UTA from orem to the U and make it to my Persian class by 8am. Its going to be alot of early mornings from here on in. fuck...but im stoked to start. Allahueh Akbar.

Deuce Bigelow European Jigalo was fucking hillarious. If you enjoy non stop dick/fart/gay joke humor, you'll be constantly amused.

I watched the friar's club roast of Pamela Anderson, it was worth watching to see her in that see-through shirt and hear courntey love get torn apart by every comic there...as she lay strung out only a few feet away. Stupid crack whore.

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Monday, July 18th, 2005

Time:3:17 pm.
I'm a selfish, self absorbed, narcissistic child and I love it, so fuck you.
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Friday, July 8th, 2005

Time:1:45 am.
Mood: drained.
Summer update: Life altering trip to the former CCCP, Brant Bjork and the Bro's play at Burts Tiki lounge and change outlook and motivation to play music forever, Summer fling ignites furiously with former co-worker and quickly extinguishes as i it only could, Oz and I hook back up on guitar and bass with ground breaking idea for new cosmic music experience(possibly featuring the talent of the great Dan Arellano), I seek new apartment and find a studio available in the same building as Oz for a "reasonable" price, change my major 3 times, begin learning Espanol, get a bunch of free money, search for new home for my poor destructive(but goddamn adorable) shepard/akita. If anyone knows of a good family with a big fence seeking a big dog too innocent to ever do anyone intentional harm lemme know.

Eventful? Yes, and yet i still feel as if I have not accomplished anything. Oz and I are currently putting our skulls together to revolutionize(VIVA ;) our SOP at work. He's got a good idea and I'm fairly good at bullshit so we'll see what comes of it. Most likely nothing thanks to the senority of the antiquated old farts that work with us. But here's hoping...Allahueh Akbar.

I love Lamb of God. I just thought i'd announce it. Im beat, going to go home now, it's 3am.

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Time:8:45 pm.
Mood: melancholy.
Ive been at work for 13 hours exactly right now. I have nothing else to do today i guess. So her i sit, listening to blind melon and wasting time, killing the hours until i sleep instead of living the minutes while im awake. Got a physical fitness evaluation today from a pretty hot number at golds. She said i was the most fit and flexible man she's ever worked with, and spent the next five minutes telling me about her boyfriend. Heh, oh well. I feel like playing blues guitar in a half empty club/bar, singing low throated songs about whatever's on the top of my head.

This weekend is going to be busy, but beneficial. Tomorrow i have the final test for my fire fighters exam(no sweat), I have to then see a man about a 5 foot snake, find a tank for the cute little guy, look for a place to live, spend some quality time with the old man(gramps) before he leaves, any maybe hit the gym somewhere in there. Then saturday i truck it up to slc with the o-z and watch Sopranos Season 5, go see some local show, watch more of season 5, sleep somewhere in there, maybe bring my guitar and kick out some jams. Sunday i'll run my ass off, work my ass off, work on my car, and fuck-your-motherrrrrrr.

Thats the weekend so far, saying that plans dont fall through. I really am just wasting time until 9:45. What else is new? Ate at Thai Chili Gardens last week. Killer eats mang. Love their vegetables...just the right texture. Might have to hit them up for lunch tomorrow and try the goddamn curry goddammit!

I read a great book by Kahlil Gibran called, "The Prophet." Short book but well worth the two hours it took to read. Reading another book Oz lent me, the title of which i will not mention for all intensive purposes(viva) but it is informative as well.

Trying to organize an informational demonstration to stop the blind from patronizing evil sadistic fuckballs like wet seal. Oz and I were thinking of throwing a benefit/awareness concert or setting up booth-blockades by the mall with educational pamphlets and video of just what these animal skinning cock gobblers are up to. I'm ironing out the details with the city about a permit, but it'll be soon by god.

anyway, im out of shit to ramble on about.
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Sunday, June 12th, 2005

Time:8:53 pm.
Wow, i went and saw the most bad ass fucking show last night! Brant Bjork and the mother fucking Bro's were fucking badass! the local bands were good too, but goddammit.....Goddammit! I felt stoned just watching those guys. It was the coolest jam band ive ever seen. Oz concurs im sure. Ive been playing guitar and riffing away all fucking day. I took my guitar with me to work and its been taking up all of my fucking time. haha, im a worthless fucking employee.

Kicking back at work listening to motha fuckin CCR and playing on the Washburn. If "The Dude," or "El Dudurino" if your not into the whole brevity thing, had a job, i would be him. It takes me forever playing to warm up to the point where it actually sounds good. Writing some solo's and some fills for some diddy's ive been playing around with. Mostly blues influenced with a nice kick of rock. Not turning out too bad. Gotta close my eyes and hear the song, then hear the solo over it, then start writing it. Otherwise it all sounds like garbled shit.

Ive been here for more than 8 hours but ive got training with the Fire Dept this week, eight mother fucking hours a day, plus 40 hours that is supposed to be squeezed in somewhere for work. Im sure I'll want to hang myself before its all over. but it'll be worth it when i dont have to work more than next summer and still make like 20,000.

Gotta find a place, might move in to Oz's neck of the woods(scratches balls and spits into brass jug) cuz da rent is so cheap. Not doing shit until i get my next check though. this check is all being saved for the finer things in life, as soon i decide what those are at least, and spent appropriately.

I think i may be getting out of here. I do need to finish these evals though...shit. Well, fuck... it looks like ill leave it to the coin toss...heads i stay and finish...tails i leave. (flips coin) well its on tails. Peace.
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Friday, May 27th, 2005

Time:6:30 pm.
It is a beautiful day outside, and of course im enjoying it from behind the window of the office. Taking awhile to adjust back to the humdrum of life in the US. I ventured into Russia with the intention of helping others, but, as it often seems to happen, I recieved more than I could ever give. In the 3 weeks I was there, many hours were spent in reflection and self examination. It was like i was outside the riddle and could finally see the obvious conclusion i overlooked so many times before. I made sense of much of the confusion I suffered previous, and was able to actually organize my thoughts. And sadly it comes as no surprise that its taken all of three days for my family to deconstruct the peace I had travel 3000 or so miles to find. I really thought I'd found Zen, but is everything Zen? I dont think so. How in my right mind did i ever think that moving back in with them would come at a lower price? Im a fool. And now, as usual, I reclaim the title of whipping boy. Fucking bullshit. Maybe I'm being over dramatic, but logic would argue otherwise. fuck it.

Ive been poking around the office since 9:30, its now 645 and I havent got a goddam thing done. Tedious, trivial, taxing, whats your word of choice? What good am I doing the world by making sure the overworked, underpaid employees of Convergys are sufficiently enthusiastic and vigerous about conveying the very exciting world of Postal Policies and procedures to the lowest group of dumb redneck/old/ignorant rejects this country has to offer? People starve, innocents die, nations invade smaller countries and force them to adapt to their way of life at the edge of a sword and I toil away to insure some lazy redneck has an exceptional customer service experience? Ra Ra Ra.

Doesnt matter how insignificant or worthless my station in life is at the moment though, I need this job more than ever now because it appears i'll be relocating once again. Where? Who knows. I havent even started looking. Rent is out-fucking-rageous almost anywhere though so somewhere near work, or near a means to get to work would be preferable.

Jet lag still hasnt worn off and my brain is fucking mush, as is my ambition to get any work done today. It'll be interesting to see how ten hours and ten total qualities look to the ol boss. Im sure he'll regret hiring me after all is said and done. hahaha. shit.

Im going to go visit some hippie friends of mine, and take a very long walk. peace niggas.
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Friday, May 20th, 2005

Time:7:21 pm.
Well dammit, back at the internet cafe. Some futbol playing locals started a fight with a couple of guys in my group, and now it seems like our presence is a little less welcome( IE the beer schwillin rooskie students want to play futbol with our skulls) which makes going out a night a real treat. Finally hooked up with a russian chick and got to know mother russia, and low and behold, the hooker gave me a bogus phone number. I guess things arent so different here after all. Well, either way, our flight home leaves tuesday at 4 am and i couldnt be happier to be on it. Not that it hasnt been a real treat, i love this place, but i really miss the comforts ive grown accustomed to( hot water, cold drinks, good plumbing, ect.) And this weather is more unpredictable than Utah weather, and that says something. The orphanage is nowhere near done, but we laid the ground work, and now its up to the locals to help themselves...if they can put down the goddamn bottle for a minute.

I must admit, i havent learned much russian, but for some odd reason Mein Deutsch has really improved. Go figure.
Well i better let the next in line on this thing before someone passes out and cries. PEACE!
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Subject:Russia good, bush loving beer schwilling rednecks....
Time:8:28 pm.
Things are still rocking in the former CCCR. Havent quite hooked it up with any of the fine looking locals but its hard when you dont speak the language(i have trouble communicating with women i CAN understand) but luckily russian men are so blasted ugly the women flock to Amerikanskis. Not to beat a stereotype, but every single day, these guys get plastered. jesus, its entertaining. Last night i watched a midget drone on for an hour while this smart ass from our group(he speaks russian) twisted every last word the poor bastard said. It was a rockin good time. As much as i love russia, the music here blows ass. These people are way too into techno and metallica. Only one guy ive talked to knew who kurt cobain was and no one knows a damn thing about Alice n Chains, PJ, or STP. But ive been educating them. Everyone seems to love alice, as everyone should, and the other two are coming along slow. Anyway, thats my update for all who give a damn, and for those that dont, PEACE!
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Thursday, May 5th, 2005

Time:7:59 pm.
this is the second time im writing this. There is a power button on this keyboard and i accidentally hit it. In russia. Things are great here, despite the overall disdain for americans. Its understandable. but luckily im too ignorant to understand much of what is being said. The country is interesting. Things are pretty run down, but amazing at the same time. They dont tear much down, instead they rebuild it and salvage what they can of the original structure. it makes for multicolored buildings. saw some gypsies singing, and drunk, sauntering down the road. animals seem to have more freedom here(which rocks) but there are alot of strays. Saw one dog limping, his leg was obviously broken, but he had no owner to take him to a vet. Gave him some food(i was leaving an market) he took it and went about his business. Building starts on friday i think, which i guess is tomorrow. It'll be interesting( vagrants have been using it as a toilet) but hopefully no one gets hepatitis. bottled water tastes funny here. Im out. Peace.
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Time:4:22 pm.
havent updated this thing in awhile. Having a life will do that to you. leaving for russia in less than five days. Excited, nervous, all the above. I have the taste of sulfur in my mouth and i think im going to blow chunks shortly. We'll see how that works out, in the meantime....gotta go
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Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Time:2:50 pm.
Mood: good.
Kicking it to monster magnet, working a sweetass job, got an impressive compilation of songs written i plan to record once I buy this digital 8 track off kevin. probably hang with Oz and hit up eric's place this weekend. wish i would've gone to Mark's Arc with Oz and Fritz but i gotsta work. Threw my back out humping your mom. its already 3 o'clock. Fritz, Wo ihr Gott ist? Er ist Im badezimmer, muss er einen grosse schissa haben. Und Ich werde zu Holle gehen.
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Time:8:54 am.
"Dont you know you fool, you aint ever gonna win, use your mentality, wake up step up to reality."

State of things. Accelerated. money+time=scarce. there isnt much to say into this thing anymore.
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Time:12:14 pm.
ATTENTION WOMEN(and the few men that are VERY comfortable with their sexuality)

women for the orphans or Russia.

Want to help orphans have a better life? If not your a monster.

ragan theater 6:00PM
$3.00 for students
$5.00 for non students
Funds of course are contributed to the restoration and construction of the orphanage and youth center currently under contruction in Kostroma.
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